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Home Gym For a Full Body Workout - Gorilla Bow

Home Gym For a Full Body Workout - Gorilla Bow

Home Gym For a Full Body Workout - Gorilla Bow


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Tone and build muscle like never before! Get fit or lose weight with dozens of exercises covering every major muscle group. You can do the whole workout everywhere you go.

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  • Easy and fun to use for all levels of fitness
  • Supports every strength level, fitness goal, and workout routine. 
  • Dozens of workouts covering all muscle groups (video tutorials included)
  • Aircraft aluminum capable of handling over 300 pounds of tension 
  • Includes 1 Gorilla Bow, 4 resistance bands (110+ pounds of resistance), accessory case, and band wrap
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty

How Gorilla Bow Gets You Fit

Gorilla Bow utilizes advanced resistance technology that doesn't rely on gravity.

Home Gym For a Full Body Workout - Gorilla Bow
  • Full Body Workout

    With dozens of workouts, you can strengthen and tone every major muscle group including legs, arms, shoulders, core, and back.

Get Results with No Risk

With our No Risk Guarantee and Total Fitness Promise, you will get into shape and achieve your goals or get your money back.

Get Results with No Risk
  • Tech

    Our innovative flex claw design allows you to quickly and easily modify resistance during your workout.
  • Strong

    Made from aircraft aluminum, the Gorilla Bow is built to last and can handle resistance to challenge even professional athletes!
  • Fast

    Linear Variable Resistance (LVR) means that the load progressively increases as the range of motion increases. One of the benefits of this is that the number of muscle fibers that are being used in the exercising muscle increases. The more muscle fibers used, the greater the muscle strength that can be achieved with the training program.