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Mace Warrior Squat

Mace Warrior Squat

The Warrior or Barbarian Squat is a great full-body exercise. You’re working your lower body, core, grip, and upper body in a single coordinated movement. This workout with a variable weight Gorilla Mace also provides an excellent shoulder and back stretch during each repetition. Give this Gorilla Tough workout a try!

Workout Steps:

Step 1: Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, holding the Gorilla Mace in front of you with both hands. Make sure you keep your core tight and your elbows in. Slowly put the Gorilla Mace behind your back by going over one shoulder without hitting the back of your body with the Mace.

Step 2: Pull the Gorilla Mace back over your shoulder while simultaneously dropping into a squat. The Gorilla Mace should be vertical during the squat portion of the exercise. Keep your core tight and elbows near your sides. 

Step 3: As soon as you hit the bottom of the squat, begin rising while putting the Steel Mace back over one shoulder. Do this in a controlled manner in order to avoid hitting your back with the Steel Mace at the top of each rep. 

Tips & Safety: To make the workout easier, move your hands farther apart. Avoid trying to pull the Gorilla Mace directly over your head; this is dangerous and should be avoided.

Watch the Video!

The Gorilla Mace workout for shoulders, chest, back, and forearms - a 2,000 year old Hindu warrior workout

The Mace originated over 2,000 years ago as a Hindu warrior workout. Today, instead of a large stone and a bamboo pole which made the gada mace, we use the Gorilla Mace which has a variable weight from 15lbs to over 50lbs. 

It works the shoulders, chest, back, and forearms. In this post, we will look at how we grip the mace.

Checkout our Gorilla Mace workouts on YouTube:


There are two different grips, LEFT over RIGHT and RIGHT over LEFT, this is an asymmetric or uneven grip. Focusing on your grip is very important, instinctively you will grip the shaft with full force, for fear of dropping the mace, especially when it has just gone over your shoulder, this is fine to start with, but actually wrong long term, because your forearms will tire very quickly. Learning to relax your grip is the key, when you push up you can relax the grip pressure, to the point where the mace is starting to drop over your shoulder, the upward motion enabling you to straighten your fingers momentarily, and effectively taking a rest, just as the mace starts to free fall behind you re-grip softly, and the mace shaft will pull your fingers into a tighter grip for the rest of the swing.


If you are just starting out, or trying a heavier mace, you can choke the handle.

Take hold of the mace shaft at roughly half way between the head of the mace and the tip of the shaft. By doing this you shorten (choke) the mace, it means that the mace makes a smaller circle during the swing behind you. There is simply less distance to travel, the mace head drops less behind you and there is less leverage when you pull the mace up and over the opposite shoulder. You can choke the mace anywhere along the shaft and find the sweet spot that suits you, as you become stronger and more confident, start thinking about moving your grip further away from the mace head, training will become tougher but consider that a sign of improvement. Keep it up and get Gorilla Tough!