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Get Rid of ARM FLAB Quick!

Get Rid of ARM FLAB Quick!

Why is it so hard to tighten up those arms and bring back the youthful curves you once had? Why is it that some of us are so lean with pronounced definition and others are literally afraid to wave hello because of that ‘arm flab’? Maybe the answers you are looking for aren’t as complex as you may think. Maybe a few daily changes in diet and movement may bring you some small results that could lead to big results with consistent habitual behavior.

Let’s start with exercise. Ask yourself how often you exercise and then ask yourself how often it is that you change up your normal exercise routine. Keeping things interesting with new workouts will create muscle confusion. In other words, you may be hitting a plateau because your body isn’t being challenged enough with your current routine. Try and find new, challenging exercises that will give you a good enough workout so you’re feeling the soreness for a day or two after! Resistance training exercises are really what you want to focus on in order to tighten up any ‘loose’ or ‘flabby’ skin. Cardio is NOT enough to get that ‘tight and toned’ look you’re going for! Don’t get me wrong, cardio is VERY important, but weight training should be placed on the pedestal because you NEED muscle in order to burn unwanted fat. Cardio will keep your current muscles in shape and help you to build or maintain cardiovascular endurance, but will not BUILD muscle in comparison to weight lifting or resistance training. As a result, be sure to get in the gym or buy free weights and keep on track with a routine at home. Wherever you decide to stay fit or work at your goals, make it a priority and DO IT so you feel a sense of accomplishment and begin to see results.

If you’re sick of your same old fitness regimen, maybe it’s time to try something new. Here are a few great ideas and tips for simply helping you to stay active and to stay in movement each week!

  1. We should be focusing on biceps right? Wrong! You’re triceps muscles are 2/3 of your entire arm, so start focusing on your triceps when you do your workout routine first and foremost. Overhead Gorilla Bow triceps extensions, chair dips and close grip chest presses are just 3 basic exercises that will engage your triceps!
  2. Should I be focusing on high repetitions or low repetitions? Heavy weight or light weight? These two questions are very common and are sometimes misunderstood. We have been conditioned to believe that in order to tone up; we must perform very high repetitions of very low weight. This belief may not be challenging enough for you personally. Every individual is different, and each one of us has different tolerance and strength levels to reps and/or weight. As a result, it will ultimately be up to YOU to find out what works best for you, but MY advice to you is to lift as heavy as you can for at least 15 repetitions. If you are able to lift a dumbbell over your head for 100 reps, then the weight is way too light. Try to find a weight or resistance that has you struggling on the 15th or 16th repetition.
  3. Functional practices are also one very important tip that the majority of us overlook! By functional practice, I mean exercises or movements that you perform throughout your day and not during your workout. For example, when you’re driving to and from work or around town completing errands, keep your hands at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock on the steering wheel and press moderately so that your chest, triceps and shoulders are all engaged!

Another great practice is simply staying aware of your posture! A lot of us forget how important good posture is and how it really helps us to stay alert and energized by simply sitting up straight or walking with your chest up! Good posture also means strong confidence! So sit up and stand tall! Finally, make sure you’re always stretching daily so you allow efficient blood flow.

Is that it? Hardly!

Let’s talk about nutrition and how it is the biggest impact on keeping your body toned, especially your arms! One of the biggest complaints from women specifically is that they hate that arm flab. Unlike your stomach, butt or legs, your arms are pretty much visible to yourself and others year round and can’t be covered up by your clothing as easily! Therefore, its way up on the priority list to eliminate!

“The good news is that the areas where your body likes to deposit fat are also the ones that give up the fat sooner, Kraemer says, which means you'll see results faster.” –

In other words, a few changes in your diet, will most likely mean your body will begin to tighten in the areas where fat is stored! A diet high in protein will help you to not only build lean muscle mass, it will also help you to burn unwanted fat. The more that you perform resistance training exercises, the more protein your body will require. Try to have at least 1 gram of protein per body weight when you are on a weight lifting regimen!

Getting rid of that fat on your arms also means staying away from processed sugars and sticking with complex carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat pasta or quinoa. Fat in your diet is also not necessarily bad, it is actually essential. Just be sure that you’re having the right fats! Stay away from animal fat and saturated fats and go with the healthy mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats like fish oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens!

I hope you took a few things away from this article! Here’s a few pointers that we went over… Give them a try and let it work for you!

  • Try a NEW workout routine and challenge yourself more.
  • Focusing more on weightlifting and resistance training over cardio will build muscle and burn unwanted fat!
  • Stay consistent, set goals and stick with it to build habits and lifestyle changes.
  • Focus on triceps exercises firstly and foremost!
  • Perform high repetitions with heavy weights.
  • Try some functional practices like the steering wheel tip or being aware of posture!
  • Try mixing in a Gorilla Bow workout!
  • Keep a diet high in protein, rich in complex and low glycemic carbs and unsaturated fat.

 About the Author, Jeremiah O'Connor:

As an 'ANBF' and 'WNBF' Pro Men's Physique Athlete, Jeremiah wasn't always in the shape he is now. After 2 hip surgeries back to back and over 20 lbs of weight gain and loss of motivation; it took more than just a "secret pill" to get into the best shape of his life.

In just 9 weeks on an all-natural meal plan combined with consistent weight training and cardio, Jeremiah was able to lose over 25 pounds, and earn two pro cards in his first ever two "Men's Physique" Competitions. Along the way, he earned his ISSA Fitness Training Certification, and he is now helping to transform other people's lives.

"There's no secret pill or potion, but if you follow my plan that I will personalize to meet your needs and schedule, you will find that you too can change. If you're searching for a personal trainer or health coach who cares about his clients and one who is dedicated to seeing them reach their goals, you have found him."




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