Overhead kettlebell swing for cardiovascular, strength & flexibility
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Overhead kettlebell swing for cardiovascular, strength & flexibility training

The kettlebell or girya is a cast-iron or cast steel weight used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured in weight by pood, which is defined as 16 kilograms.

In the late 20th century Soviet science verified that repetition kettlebell lifting is one of the best tools for all around physical development. A study observed two groups of college students over a period of a few years. A standard battery of armed forces Physical Training tests was used which included the following: Pullups, a standing broad jump, a 100 meter sprint, and a 1k run. The control group followed the typical university physical fitness training program which was military oriented and emphasized the listed exercises. The experimental group just lifted kettlebells. No other training of any kind.

In spite of the lack of practice on the tested drills listed above, the kettlebell training group showed better scores in every one of them.

The full body kettlebell swing is a beginner level strength and conditioning exercise. This is a great compound exercise that targets the lower body, core and shoulders. In any overhead kettlebell exercise you should position the handle in such a way that the heel of your palm under your pinky is loaded and your wrist is not bent back. Once that is taken care of you have two different grips, parallel and diagonal, to choose from for different exercises. Read the following instructions and watch the video to get Gorilla Tough!

 Step 1

Start in a wide stance while holding the kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Make sure you have your shoulders set in the girdle and your lower back flat.

Step 2

Squat down, making sure to keep your back straight and your chest up. Drive your body up through your heel sand swing the kettle bell directly over your head.

Step 3

Lower the kettlebell back down to the starting position maintaining control throughout the entire range of motion.



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