Whole gym in your hands


Gorilla Bow

Reach your fitness goals in less time

In just 15 minutes you can do a full body workout. With over 30 exercises, you can tone, build muscle, lose weight, or just stay healthy in less time. Workout at home or take it on the road with the Gorilla Bow Home & Mobile Gym.

Gorilla Boost

Unleash your full potential

Gorilla Boost

A holistic boost to your performance

Gorilla Boost is our patented blend of natural ingredients that’ll boost your workout, as well as the rest of your day. The combination of B-complex vitamins, Ashwagandha root extract, tart cherry powder, and caffeine will help you improve your endurance and strength, burn more fat, and bring energy and balance to your body and mind.

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Here is what customers are saying!

"I absolutely LOVE the Gorilla Bow. The versatility and ease of use with your product is absolutely phenomenal."
Best home fitness product I’ve ever seen!!! It’s so well made and works just like the pics & vids. My arms were burning by the seventh rep. I highly recommend.
Greatest In-Home fitness product that I've found so far Great product, great customers service. Can't wait to try the other products as well.
"I'm fascinated by this bow, and admittedly I was a little sore after a few days of use! I've been finding a different way to use it every time I pick it up!"
Have you seen the x3 bar.....why do people pay for that its like over $600 and all it is is a platform, a few bands and a bar.....GB is soooo much cheaper and does exactly the same thing.Β  Just dont get it. Kerry

Mobilize Your Workouts

This revolutionary home & mobile gym provides a full body workout by combining the ancient weapon, a bow, and modern resistance band technology. Easily switch between 5 to over 300 pounds in resistance as you flow through a back, chest, arm, leg, shoulder, and core workout.
Mobilize Your Workouts